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Hey now, you’re a rockstar!

My 5 year old randomly bursts out into fits of song, which is cute when I can understand what he is saying. Mostly it’s just a verse of jumbled vowel sounds that match the rythm of the song he’s trying to sing. Either way, he’s his momma’s boy.

You know, I’m only 25, but I’ve attempted to remove most of the drama from my life. Keyword : attempted. I received an e-mail yesterday from an old aquaintance who I haven’t talked to in quite some time. It just so happened to be a woman whose husband convinced me that they were seperated over the summer and proceeded to use me for all I was worth (to him anyway). I’m not sure why this woman contacted me after so long. We have already talked. Actually, I gave her the luxury of yelling at me while┬áI listened half-heartedly. I guess I was in the wrong, but I didn’t know it at the time. I just received a 42 page novel about what a horrible person that I am and on and so forth.

I can only think of a couple of reasons for this. 1.) The wound is still bleeding. I’m sure what happened hurt her, but I am not the one who is married to her or should have to answer to her. 2.) She’s a little bit psychotic and possibly has made some type of voodoo doll of me that pokes with pins every day. #2 could explain why I’ve had this horrible pain in my back for so long, so I’m going to go with that one.

I’ve tried to drop this whole thing and forget about it, but she just keeps coming back for more.

She obviously hates me as much as my sister, if that is possible.

As some of you may know I’m stuck for now in a crappy little two bedroom apartment. The complex that I live in houses about 30 different apartments, and most of the people here are rather nice. However, there are some that are not. A couple of days ago the police raided an apartment in an adjacent building and found a meth lab… and an 18 month old. The boy was taken to the hospital and released, and we are making plans to move. I really don’t want to live in a place where I worry about my children being outside. I really really don’t.



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