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So, this morning I woke up thinking I would send the 5 year old away on the church bus for a couple of hours. I had him go next door and get his buddies, whom are 9 and 6, and whose mother sleeps all day anway, and bring them home with him. Then I proceeded to watch them wrestle, scream, and fight over the PS3 controller for 45 minutes waiting on the church bus. I can handle 45 minutes of anything.

Well, if I were in a place where I felt as though cursing at church workers was appropriate – I would today.

HAHA God, very funny. Then I start to think that if I would have gotten my lazy arse ready, drove to church myself, and hoarded the pack of pups with me – this wouldn’t have happened. Next Sunday, I’ll be there with bells on. For now I’ve surrendered the living room (being as how a 5×5 box can only hold so many individuals), and have set up shop in the kitchen at the table – surrounded by this weeks dirty dishes, race cars on the floor, an empty cat dish, and emtpy cereal boxes. Which reminds me.. oh, wait, what was I gonna do today? My new work schedule leaves a lot to be done in the HOME department. But, heck, I don’t get paid for doing dishes.. so I’d rather work.

The man is at work. This new weekend shift has it’s ups and downs for us. My new weeknight shifts has its downs for ME, but of course he loves it. I may too if  I ever get a paycheck.

My back has been feeling funny today, and with every twinge my heart starts racing. I am 6 weeks prior to my due date, and I don’t have time to have a baby today. Plus, I’m on some funky medication that interacts with pain meds, soooo… If I were to go into labor today I would do it med free. I don’t even live life free of  medication, and I damn sure don’t plan on enduring the most painful experience of my life sans meds. So, when I’m ready to give birth I will stop taking my medication 24 hours in advance.

This all sounds good and great to a first time mother, but see.. this ain’t my first rodeo. There is no warning at the 24 hour mark that will tell me I only have 24 hours left. Labor is a mysterios and unscheduled event, but in a perfect world my plan would work out just fine. In MY world, however, this isn’t the case. I expect my labor to start abruptly on a day I have taken my medication. I expect to beg for and receive pain medication at the hospital that will do absolutely nothing for me considering the medication I am on, and I expect to give birth with the joy of feeling every single bit of it. Every agonizing minute. I’m excited, can you tell? I would be, as I said, if this were my first child.

I can only sit here at the kitchen table and pretend to busy for so long. Chores are calling me, and it’s not a very nice name that they yell. For now the children are occupied with gaming systems of every kind imaginable, and I’m okay with that. It’s SUNDAY and tomorrow is a holiday, which means I’m off work, which means I’m doing nothing. So, I should probably get to scraping the hard dried cheese off of these plates.

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