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I haz a blog, again.

You may remember me from The Atomic Mommy, but then again you probably don’t. Anyway, I’ve decided to grace the internet with my presence yet again, and so whilst watching The History Channel I heard of a term called “Victory Girl.” Which is what I’ve now used for my blogging name. Go look it up, you’re bound to either laugh or roll your eyes.

So, I have this kid. He’s now five years old, and he’s 100% boy. As if that weren’t enough I have another 100% planning his escape from my loins in approximately 7 weeks. This, my friends, is him:

The New Kid on the Block

Am I ready for another boy? HELL NO. I have been dreaming and seeing pink for the past 7 1/2 months, and hoping and praying that the ultrasound technician was wrong the first time, but when I went back for my 31 week ultrasound there it was in all it’s glory : the infamous WINKY. So, yes, he really is a boy. I am doomed to a life of Spiderman and Hot Wheels, without any promise of Barbie dolls in my future. At least I hope not with two boys.

Me & The First Born

Thus is my life. There are good days, and there are days where I want to take some Valium and pull my hair out. I guess that is motherhood for ya. Truth be known I am far from your average mom. I don’t breastfeed. I don’t cook organically, and matter of factly I don’t cook at all. Thank God there is The Man for that. I let my son play video games that he probably shouldn’t be playing at 5 years old, and he knows the lyrics to songs that most 16 year olds are listening to. Am I a bad mother? I don’t think so, but you may. I feed him. I bathe him. I try my best to make his life enjoyable, and I LOVE him. I will do the same for #2.

I do parent, just in my own way.

I live in an apartment that is way too small for me, The Man, #1, and the cat.. so I can only imagine the suffocating feeling that will emerge once #2 also needs his space here. We have got to get out of here A.S.A.P.

I must say that I am blessed. I am lucky to have a man that loves me and a child that adores me. I am praying for a healthy birth for #2, and a year supply of diapers at my baby shower.

I’m just me, and I’m back to blogging once again.


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